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Rush Henrietta JR Royal Comets

Cheer Coaches

A-Team Cheer

Head Coach
Hello my name is Jenn Schwasman. I am the Head Coach for the Rush Henrietta Comets A-Team.This will be my 8th season coaching for the JR COMETS. I started out as Flag Coach and worked my way up to A team.  I have 4 children, 3 of which have completed the football side. My daughter is still in the cheer program. I'm truly blessed to be apart of an organization that is 100% about our kids and community.

Assistant Coach
My name is Heather Marie Mottshaw, I am the Assistant Coach for the Rush Henrietta Comets A-Team. This is my first season to coach with the Comets, I am so excited to meet the cheerleaders and their families. I'm a mother with an amazing 5 year old son. I've cheered and coached for years. So I'm very excited to be back into my passion of cheerleading! 

Junior Coach

I am Stephanie Kuriatnyk and I am the Jr. Coach for the A-Team. I have years of experience with cheer. I was a cheerleader from 4 years old to 13 years old and I have been Jr. coaching for 3 years.. I am looking forward to my 4th season coaching and meeting the new girls as well as reuniting with the ones from previous seasons! 

B-Team Cheer

Head Coach Katie Helbig

Assistant Coach Becky Luce

C-Team Cheer

Head Coach Lexi Kuriatnyk

Assistant Coach Monique Hollis


Head Coach Nicole White

Assistant Coach Marissa Kuriatnyk