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I am Stephanie Kuriatnyk and I am the Head Coach for the A-Team. I have years of experience with cheer. I was a cheerleader from 4 years old to 13 years old  with the JR Comets.I have been Jr. coaching for 5 years..  I was the A-Team assistant coach for 2 seasons. I'm excited to say I will be head coach this year! I'm excited to meet the new girls as well as reuniting with the ones from previous seasons! 

Assistant Coach (MICKEY) Michaela Tennity. I was a cheerleader for the Jr Comets from age 9 to 14. I'm excited to be back with my Jr Comets family as a assistant Coach. Can't wait to meet all of you this season.

Hi my name is Linda Schultz and I am the head coach for B-team this year. I have been coaching since 2007.I have coached on all levels from 4 years old to 18 years old. I have coached 4 years with the Jr Comets.I'm excited for this season to start and to see my returners and meet the new cheerleaders.

Assistant Coach Janine Schultz
Hi my name is Janine  I was a cheerleader my whole life. I have coached for about 20 years with all ages and including All Stars. This year is my 3rd year coaching for the Jr comets and I have 3 boys, 2 play for the comets and one is a future comet. I'm excited for the season to start!

My name is Jenn Schwasman. I am the Head Coach for the Rush Henrietta Comets C-Team.This will be my 10th season coaching for the JR COMETS. I started out as Flag Coach and worked my way up to A team.  I have decided to coach C-Team this year! I have 4 children, 3 of which have completed the football side. My daughter also completed the cheer program. I'm truly blessed to be apart of an organization that is 100% about our kids and community,

Kaylah Zazzara I was a cheerleader my whole life and moved onto All Star. I have coached for a pop warner team .  I am thrilled to be apart of the Jr Comets family. I cant wait to meet all of you and start are to be amazing season.

Assistant Coach Courtney Oliveri .  I'm so happy to start this journey with assisting coach Kaylah. I cant wait to see what the season brings. I have 2 children, a little boy and girl.   This is going to be a fabulous year! **Cheers**

Kaylah and Courtney are new to the comets family, but not new to cheering.  They started cheering together when they were in middle school and continued cheering and being best friends throughout High school.  Janine was one of their 1st coaches when they cheered for AYFCL and they are excited to all be coaching together.  The Comet family welcomes Kaylah and Courtney!